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eaew's Journal

Empowering and Encouraging Women
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Empowering and Encouraging Women is a community for women of all interests. Anything from Religion, to health tips, to showing off creative talent is welcome here! I hope to get a page up and going sometime soon on my main web site http://www.xiron.net and have a little corner of the web space preserved just for this!
70's, 80's music, afros, androgeny, androids, anime, arcade gaming, asian kung-fu generation, buddhism, captain america, cardcaptor sakura, chou seishin gransazer, classic gaming, classic rock, coffee, comics, crossdressers, cute stuff, daredevil, dave matthews band, david bowie, ddr, depeche mode, disco, dolls, dragon quest, dynasty warriors, ecchi, elephants, elton john, fantastic four, final fantasy, franz ferdinand, front mission, gackt, gameboy, gay, genesis, ghost in the shell, ghost rider, glam rock, gradius, guilty gear, heavy metal, hello kitty, hentai, homosexuality, horror movies, hyde, iron fist, iron man, j-pop, j-rock, japanese culture, kamen rider, kingdom hearts, kitties, koei, konami, l'arc~en~ciel, legend of zelda, lolicon, luke cage, manga, martial arts, marvel comics, masamune shirow, mecha, megaman, modest mouse, moon knight, motoko kusanagi, music, nes, nintendo, nintendo ds, ok go, one tree hill, paizuri, pegging, phantasy star, pink floyd, plushies, pokemon, popcorn, princess peach, retrogaming, rob zombie, rotk, rpgs, samurai warriors, samus aran, sanrio, sci-fi, scissor sisters, seal, seiken densetsu, sentai, sex, sexual psychology, shadowfist, shadowrun, shigeru miyamoto, shmups, shota, shoujo, shounen ai, silver surfer, sissification, snes, snk, soup, square enix, stone temple pilots, straight shota, street fighter, super mario, supertramp, tea, techno, the avengers, the elder scrolls, the killers, the runaways, the shins, titan quest, tokusatsu, transgenderism, velvet revolver, video games, virtua fighter, visual kei, ween, wii, wrestling, writing, wwe, x-men, yaoi, young avengers, yu-gi-oh, yuri, ziggy stardust.